September 20, 2019

 It is these types of colours that keep me falling in love with my job over and over again.

To be able to be creative in a louder way rather than the usual soft and natural looks

April 11, 2018

Its never good to stand still and do nothing. Especially when that comes to business, Its not enough to just tick along. You must always improve and try to better your self and what you can offer to stay ahead of the game. It doesn't have to be anything big but progres...

November 14, 2016

Wedding Make up is normally very important to most brides. Some choose to do their own as they are comfortable and familiar with their likes and dislikes. Others decide to book a make up artist as they feel they would like a more professional or polished look or maybe...

October 11, 2016

More and more people are wanting to have hair all the different colours of the rainbow. Whilst as a stylist I love this, I find myself typing and saying the same thing over and over again to client's enquiring into this step in their hair journey.

So here are my top tip...

March 13, 2016

So as a bit of a change from my usual wedding hair and make up related posts I thought I would throw in some blogs on recent colours that I have done and as im sure you can guess from the title they are very bright :D


First up a few weeks back I had the lovely Courtney...

February 8, 2016


How to get the most from your hair on your wedding day. 


1) Its the oldest advice in the book but do get your hair trimmed reguarly before your wedding day.

Wispy dry ends are not a good look and a style will look much more polished with freshly cared for tips.

Damage i...

December 14, 2015


Christmas Weddings my favourite job at my favourite time of year.

After a very early start at 4.30am on only 3 hours of sleep (thanks to my 3 month old) I crawled out of bed to get ready for the wonderful wedding to complete hair and make up for Hannah and her bridal p...

December 4, 2015

So party season is upon us and with so many engagements you always want to look your best.

Here are some hints and tips to make this party season your best yet.


Make your make up last with a good primer. I personally love the smash box range as they tailor to every skin...

December 1, 2015

Yes yes I know Its literally only just December but I am one of those irritating people who adores everything to do with the Chrismas season.

My favourite thing is Christmas Weddings. There is nothing better than arriving at a venue that is adorned with christmas decora...

November 28, 2015

WOOHOO Its finally here ;)


So I have been waiting at least 6 months from when I first heard about Olaplex being in the United States for it to finally make its début here in the UK so I could purchase it to use on my Clients.


Its a new product which unlike conditioners...

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