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Wedding Make Up

Wedding Make up is normally very important to most brides. Some choose to do their own as they are comfortable and familiar with their likes and dislikes. Others decide to book a make up artist as they feel they would like a more professional or polished look or maybe they are not used to doing their own make up.

Which ever you decide on make sure you are prepared. Maybe you would like to do your own and buy some new make up to use. Make sure you do a few practice runs before the big day and that the look you are going for compliments your facial structure and your wedding theme/dress. Also try several different products. Many make up counters will give free samples of foundation to trial run so you can see what works best with your skin, offers the best coverage and has staying power.

If you are booking a professional be sure to take some photos with you to your trial but bare in mind that many photos from the internet are very heavy make up looks that are highly photo shopped. A trial with give you the opportunity to try before so that adjustments can be made.

A professional should have a good range of products to be able to pick and choose from that will work best for you or they may work with one certain brand. Depending on your requirements don't be afraid to ask them what they use. You may want to have mineral make up for instance so its always work checking.

Drinking plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your wedding day will benefit your make up as your skin will be well hydrated which reduces dry patches, dark eyes and fine lines as well as spots and blemishes.

Most of all don't over look make up. Your photos will be your forever memories of you big day and you want to make sure that you look the best version of yourself in them.

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