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Vivid Hair Colours Application and up keep

More and more people are wanting to have hair all the different colours of the rainbow. Whilst as a stylist I love this, I find myself typing and saying the same thing over and over again to client's enquiring into this step in their hair journey.

So here are my top tips from having your colour done to after care and up keep.

To start with your own hair needs to be light enough to take vivid colours. A fair amount of the time this involves lightening you hair first.

I would recommend booking a stylist who use's Olaplex to help maintain the integrity of the hair.

The better condition your hair is in the longer the colour will last.

Each stylist will have their preferred colour line so get them to show you what colours are available and make your choices.

A good deep conditioning treatment once your vivid colours are washed out will help to seal the colour in.

Regular trims will also help to maintain the health of your hair and should not be avoided.

The up keep of vivid's is fairly labour intensive in comparison to normal hair colours. All of the following will help the life time of your colour.

* Wash your hair in water that is as cold as you can stand it.

* Use colour safe Shampoo and Conditioner. I recommend Joico Kpak Colour shampoo and conditioner but your stylist will have their own recommendations.

* Always condition. This helps to close down the cuticle combined with the cold water to stop the colour coming out after it has been shampooed.

* ALWAYS use heat protection spray. (heat will open the cuticle again so will allow the colour to fade)

* Turn the heat down. For the same reasons as above use your hairdryer on cool and your hot tools on the lowest setting where possible or the lowest you can manage with.

* I have a preference for Kitoko Oil to put in my hair before drying and also after. It not only smells divine but it helps keep moisture in the hair and reduces fly away's once hair is dried and styled.

* Avoid using Hair spray too much. I have found this helps draw the colour out.

* stretch out the time in between washing (dry Shampoo is a god send. I recommend Indola and matrix brands for this).

Note that even with all this work the colour will not last as long as permanent ones and that certain colours will fade quicker than others. It always fades of faster the first time but sticks better after the 2nd/3rd application.

While the above list sounds a lot, much of it is good for your general hair health even with out vivid colours. Turning down the heat and regular trims are key.

Cre8tive Hair and Beauty

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