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The Brighter the Better

So as a bit of a change from my usual wedding hair and make up related posts I thought I would throw in some blogs on recent colours that I have done and as im sure you can guess from the title they are very bright :D

First up a few weeks back I had the lovely Courtney around for some under colours.

She was a beautiful blonde naturally and I didnt want to overly alter her natural colour as it was truely stunning so we kept the colour to the underneath half of her hair.

I chose purple and pink for this look and I was so pleased with the results.

Then last week I had the wonderful Nikki who has said she is open to any colours and has always fancied going Orange. Well you dont need to tell me twice. Its not often that you get a client happy to go Orange so I ran with that straight away and did a red to orange ombre with a blue/purple shadow root.

Then last up this week I had the fantastic Tracy round for some funky colours. Another one who doesnt mind what colours we go with, so she gave me free rein.

She had been purple before so I stayed away from purple and pink.

I did a blue and green combo. Sadly the green didnt show up very well in photos and just kept appearing as blue and didnt pop like it does in person, so the photo doesnt really do it justice but here it is anyway :D

Thanks you reading :D

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